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Alpine HCE-CS1100

Alpine HCE-CS1100 - камера бокового вида, с технологией HDR (High Dynamic Range)
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Alpine HCE-CS1100


The HCE-CS1100 is a High Dynamic Range Side View camera for Alpine devices with direct camera input or RCA connection. It includes a universal mirror mount and a long connection cable.

Thanks to HDR technology, the picture quality is much better compared to regular camera systems - for easier manoeuvring and greater safety.

A side-view camera is a great addition to the more traditional front and rear camera systems. It can prevent scratched rimes during parking or for example be used as surveillance of the side of your motor-home.

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High Dynamic Range (HDR) Side View Image
RCA Video Signal (NTSC) Output
Alpine direct to RCA adapter included


Negative Ground Type
Color CMOS Image Sensor
Automatic Exposure Adjustment
Automatic White Balance Adjustment
Internal Synchronization

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