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Alpine X-A90V

Alpine X-A90V - 5ти канальный усилитель 4x75вт+1x300вт 4ом, 4x100вт+1x500вт 2ом
40 790 руб.

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Alpine X-A90V


Alpine introduces the all-new X-Series of high-grade speakers and amplifiers. These products have been engineered and tuned to create a perfect match for extraordinarily dynamic, realistic sound reproduction and a spatial sound impression.

The all-new X-Series amplifiers set a new standard for sound quality performance and power output in a very compact design. Available in mono, four channel and five channel configuration, these amps are a perfect match for the all-new X-Series speakers and subwoofers.

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Terminal Layout: One side
Screw Mount / Wire Cover: Plug Type Connector (PWR and SPK Terminal)
Mounting Design: Easy Stacking and Smart Installation


Amplifier Type: Class-D (Digital)
Channel Design: 4-channel + 1-channel (Mono)
Thermal Control: Thermal Management Control
Power Supply: PWM regulated Interleaved flyback with active clamp
Board Circuitry: S.T.A.R. Circuitry
Power Indicator: Top Mounted LED Power/Status Indicator
Speaker Level Input with remote turn on
Crossover: Adjustable Low-pass (LPF) / High-pass Filter (HPF)
Built-in Bass EQ
Subsonic Filter: Variable Subsonic Filter
Gain Control: Adjustable
Bass Control: Remote Bass Control (RUX-KNOB2) Ready

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